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Fall Festivities
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Portland TripWelcome to the October issue of!  We had a fun-filled September, highlighted by a fun trip to Portland, Oregon for Michelle's birthday (see Photo Gallery).  The plan was to go see The Who and Joan Jett in concert there, but Roger Daltry's illness caused them to cancel the tour.  Not to be deterred, we enjoyed a great weekend with our friend's Marc and Amie who recently moved to the Northwest.   We did get to see one concert last month, an 80's Rap reunion show featuring Vanilla Ice, Young MC, Rob Base, Tone Loc and Biz Markee.  We had so much fun singing along with and dancing to so many hip hop and rap classics from our younger years.   I also had the pleasure last month of joining two wonderful people together in marriage, Chris and Nannette Albrecht, over Labor Day weekend.  

I am very proud that Marleigh qualified for the COCDA Honor Choir last month.  She will be practicing four new pieces to be performed at the COCDA festival on October 27th.  This is the first year she has qualified for this event, and we could not be happier for her accomplishment.  She also performed for the elementary school in a drama performance last month.

This month is filled with football and music starting with the OU / West Virginia game in Norman and the OU /texas game at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.  We will fill out that weekend to Dallas with a round of golf and tickets to a Counting Crows concert.  Following that, Marleigh and Michelle are so excited to go see Taylor Swift in concert at Jerry World in Dallas along with Tami and Paige, Anna and Nichole and Grace and Tim.  The rest of us boys who aren't going will enjoy time at Great Wolf Lodge water park.  Other highlights this month include camping and laser tag with Jimmy's group, hosting Youth hangout, Thunder Hopper and Fall Festival at New Hope.

On the Contests page, check out standings for Baseball Talk Predictions, College Fantasy Football, Big 12 Battle and NOS All Sports Trophy.  Hoping my Pirates (who have the second best record in baseball) can get past the Cubs in the ridiculous one-game playoff on October 7th.

Let's go Bucs!  Boomer Sooner!  Thunder Up!
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