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Golf LessonsWelcome to the March issue of!  This monumental month of March marks the start of our daughter's life as a teenager.  Yes, on the most special PI day ever (because PI can be represented down to the second), our little girl takes her first steps from tween to teen.  She will be having an ice skating party followed by having a few people over for a sleepover.  On the following Sunday, we will be going to dinner and the Thunder/Bulls game for Grammy's birthday.  Marleigh has been taking golf lessons with her friends Rebekah and Olivia (shown here) and plans to try out for her middle school golf team this month.  Here's hoping she gets her golf genes from further up the family tree than her Dad.  Marleigh is also doing Sonatino, a piano competition at Oklahoma Christian later this month and her 7th Grade social

I am looking forward to a trip to Austin with my buddies to see Steve Miller Band and Journey in concert, followed up with some Top Golf and a crawfish broil.  Looking forward to seeing everybody in Smithville and enjoying time with good friends.  Marleigh and Michelle will be attending Spring Sing when I am away.  If the weather and my sore ankle allows, I hope to take Marleigh to do some hiking in the Wichita mountains over Spring Break.  We finish the month with Chips for Charity and going to see Ravi Zacharias at Oklahoma Christian.

March Madness starts this month on the site.  Be looking forward to an invite on Selection Sunday and then invite your friends to play along.  Check out standings for the NOS All Sports trophy on the Contests page.

Have a great month!
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