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Happy New Years
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Christmas Eve with FamilyHappy New Years from!  Hope everyone is making their plans for their new year.  We are happy to be blessed in so many ways including our health, our family, our friends, our faith, and so much more.  We enjoyed getting to spend so much time with many of you over the holidays.  We enjoyed many holiday productions including piano recitals at both Teal Ridge and New Hope, her role as a Cratchit daughter in A Christmas Carol, as Chava in Fiddler on the Roof, the latter while battling an ear infection.  Check out her New Year's video star production of American Girl.

We start the new year with a couple Thunder games, one with Riggy and one with Lance and Chris for their birthdays, and Thunder Appreciation Day. Later this month, I am excited to go with Timmy G and Hoover to Breckenridge for a ski trip and a chance to participate in the annual Becker Bash!  Also this month, we will have an opportunity to hear Donald Miller speak at OC.

Congratulations to Tina Ovnic for winning the College Fantasy Football contest and to Jason Lones for winning the Bold Bowl Predictions.  Check out complete standings, in the Contests section.
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