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Happy New Year
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Michelle's family on Christmas EveHappy New Year from!  Hope each of you had a blessed Christmas and a nice holiday season!   December was busy for us as always, but things seemed to slow down around the actual holidays which was nice.  The scariest part of that was dealing with some medical issues that my Dad had on the night of Christmas.  At the time of my writing, he is still in the long term care facility and they are looking for answers.  Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.  

I was thankful to be able to participate in New Hope's Toy Share again this year where we blessed close to 200 children.  We also enjoyed playing Dirty Santa with the college students I have the privilege to work.  Marleigh displayed her Bible Art at the Prague Crafts Bazaar, sang in Santa Fe's Choir concert, and played God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen at her winter recital.  We also got a chance to play some winter golf at Lake Hefner South and take in a Thunder game against the Pelicans, as well as going to see Rogue One at the theatres.  She also got to do an escape room with her friend Paige.  Michelle and I enjoyed our time together at the Hobby Lobby Christmas party and celebrated my birthday at Lotinville's (which sadly is closed).  I also got to spend some time at Top Golf, a Rocket's game and Hawks game with my buddies from college and work, respectively.  We spent the holidays with Michelle's family and then flew to Pennsylvania to see my family, and got to spend some time with my sister.  Check out some photos from the holiday.

This month, I will join Marleigh's youth group on their trip to Winterfest in Dallas.  Later that month, I will join Big Kyle, Geoff and Tim for a ski trip to Winterfest in Colorado.  

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