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April Adventures
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Golf in BastropWelcome to the April edition of!  Hope you are enjoying the warming of Spring after a cold winter and the beauty of each blossoming flower and tree.  I feel so fortunate to spend the first weekend of April on a road trip to Smithville, Texas for a crawfish broil and golf weekend with my closest buddies (shown in photo to right).  Got to experience a new place called Top Golf in Austin that I hear is making its way to OKC.  Overall a great weekend and good to get away and hang out with guys I have know for twenty years now.

The rest of this month looks to be pretty relaxing.  We are having the middle school students over for a fun night and making a trip to Prague for Easter Sunday.  Michelle finishes the month with her annual trip to North Carolina for work.

Marleigh had a great 12th birthday party with a weekend of fun including a make-up party with Bri and two separate sleepovers that finished with a Thunder game with Samantha and her Grammy and Rick.  She continues to do well in her academics as she nears the end of her sixth grade year and will get a chance to go on a field trip to the Zoo at the end of this month.

Two new Contests start this month - The Majors registration starts on the 7th with the contest starting with the Masters on the 10th.  NBA Plan registration starts after the final game on the 16th and starts with the first playoff game around the 19th. Congratulations to Joey Higgins who won the March Madness tournament.  Check out the final standings here!

Have a great April!
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