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October Reunions
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Golf for OU texas weekendWelcome to the October issues of!  Hope each of you enjoyed your Halloween festivities.  Marleigh dressed up this year as a cat as a pair with her friend Bekah who was a mouse.  We had an action packed month highlighted by two trips to Texas, one for the OU-texas weekend which included golf, the game and hanging out with friends, and the other a trip for the daughters and moms (and Tim) to go see Taylor Swift at Jerry World , while enjoying a weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge.  Other highlights from the month included the OU/WVU game with Kevin and Phillip, Thunder Hopper, Jimmy's night out and two choir concerts, one with Edmond Santa Fe and its middle schools, and the Central Oklahoma honors choir that Marleigh had the privilege of being a part of this year.

November will be another month of Jeaux trying to grow facial hair for the "No Shave Novembeard" while hopefully enjoying many victories from our Sooners and Thunders.  I have begun a 10K training for a race in early December.  In addition, we plan to spend time with Michelle's family at the Pratka Family Reunion and the Atyia Thanksgiving luncheon.  

On the Contests page, check out updated standings for the Baseball Talk Predictions and NOS All Sports trophy after the Royals world series victory as well as updated stats and standings in the Big 12 Battle and College Fantasy Football.

I hope that each of you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family or others that you love.

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