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May The Force Be With You
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Kolacherie ManiaWelcome to the May edition of and hope the Force is definitely with you this month as the kids are nearing the end of the school year and families are making plans for summer and vacations and such.  We will be departing on our family vacation at the end of the school year with our sights pointed at Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and at least 2 feet of New Mexico as we endeavor to see 7 national parks in eight days!   Other highlights this month include Kolache (seen here), Thomas & Chloe's wedding, and several choir performances.  Last month I had the opportunity to see a couple of good shows - Alt J at the Bricktown Event Center and Death Cab for Cutie with AWOLNation.

Marleigh decided last month to dedicate her life to Christ allowing her dear old Dad the opportunity to baptize her.  It was a wonderful experience for us and I have posted a video of the event for you to share in the experience.  I also had the honor of baptizing our friend Stephanie Thompson the very next week, after studying with her and Jimmy over the last several weeks.  God has definitely been working in our lives very actively in recent months.  I feel so blessed to have the time now thanks to moving my work schedule to take note of His good works.

Congratulations to Steven Cook who won this year's March Madness last month.  This month on the site, we have the NBA Plan, The Majors and the NOS All Sports Trophy.  Check out standings and update your playoff and golf lineups on the Contests page.  Make sure your e-mail is up to date, so you can be notified of contests coming in the summer and fall.
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