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February Fun
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Thunder Fan Appreciation DayWelcome to the February issue of!  Hope your new year is starting off right.  It was nice for tings to calm down a bit after the holiday bustle.  We had a great visit with my family including a special visit to West Virginia to see my Bamer and to reunite with many of my first cousins that I haven't seen since I was young.  I have some photos from the trip in the Marleigh Gallery.  We had the opportunity to see our Thunder play a few games this month and participate in the fan appreciation day (photo shown here).  We even took advantage of one nice day we had at the end of the month to pull out the stand-up paddleboard that Marleigh and I received as a joint present.

Marleigh has started back up in her Advanced Tumbling class and is taking Piano and Flute lessons again with Angela after she took a little break to have her second child.  She has District Choir and Sonatina Saturday for her vocal performances this month.  Jeaux has been training for a half marathon along with Chris with the Red Coyote running group and as part of a relay team with several of his co-workers at the OKC Memorial Marathon in April.  Michelle is very excited to have a Grease Live watch party this month and we all look forward to dinner with Thomas and Chloe before they leave for Colorado.

Congratulations to Mark "SouthSider" Emrick who won both The College Fantasy Football and Bold Bowl Predictions contest.   Check out his stanings in the Contests page, along with NOS All Sports Trophy standings.

Have a great month!
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